Cave Hill Cemetery – Louisville, Kentucky

The grounds of Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky contain over 120,000 burials. Office staff are friendly and willing to give you directions to interesting gravesites.

Cave Hill Cemetery Sign

A Pleasant Journey Through Cave Hill Cemetery

From the time I drove onto the grounds of Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky, I was greeted by friendly staff members willing to give directions to several of the more interesting gravestones on the property.

1) Muhammad Ali

Office workers looked at me with a knowing smile on this hot summer afternoon.  They knew why I was here.  It was a few days after the summer solstice.  I was on my way home from a Cemetery Conference in Columbus, Ohio.  Cemetery workers were perplexed that I wasn’t focused on any single grave site.  I just wanted to have a good look around. Eventually, one of the office members indicated the direction to Muhammad Ali’s gravesite.  Finally, I understood their confusion. “Ohhhh…”, I thought, “Muhammad Ali is buried here!” While following a seady line of cars, I easily found my way to his grave site.  


Muhammed Ali died only a few weeks before my visit.  Although his gravestone had yet to be placed, I visited his burial location.  Since my visit, his gravestone has been placed.  If you visit Cave Hill, please share your pictures of Muhammad Ali’s grave site with me.

2) Harland Sanders

Harland Sanders developed the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain of restaurants. Colonel Sanders is surrounded by family.  Margaret Sanders has a most beautiful verse inscribed into her gravestone.  
Watch the video below to see the inscription.
Harland Sanders


3) Harry Collins

Harry Collins is honored with a delightful grave marker designed by Barney Bright.  A life-long Magician, Harry traveled the world promoting the Frito Lay Company. His grave marker perfectly describes Harry’s delightful presence.

I could easily spend hours exploring the miles of roadways in Cave Hill Cemetery.  However, I was able to take in many of the sights.  

The video below is a summary of my trip.

Please Enjoy this video of Cave Hill.