Old Baptist Revolutionary War Cemetery – Carmel, New York

Old Baptist Revolutionary War Cemetery across from Mt. Carmel Baptist Church.

old_baptist_cemeteryLiving in the southern part of the United States, I often visit cemeteries containing Civil War soldiers. I even, occasionally, find a cemetery with Revolutionary War Soldiers as with my Rock Creek Cemetery Documentary.  Although, Revolutionary War soldier grave sites are rare in the south, The Revolutionary War is fascinating and I always enjoy strolling through Revolutionary War era cemeteries when I visit New England states.

A Quick Visit To The Cemeteries Of Upstate New York

Last week, I paid a quick visit to upstate New York. Particularly, I was in Carmel, New York. While there, I dropped by the Old Baptist Revolutionary War Cemetery.

Revolutionary War Gravestones

Just across 52 from Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, a hand-laid stone wall protects the Old Baptist Cemetery from a constant stream of nearby traffic.

The remains of more than a dozen Revolutionary War soldiers are at rest here. I can only imagine the changes their grave sites have witnessed in the past two and a quarter centuries. 

Carmel Township is Proud of the Old Baptist Burial Ground

Town residents are proud of this cemetery.  This cemetery is on a small plat of land not far from the city center. The grounds are under control of the Carmel town council.  They appear to do a great job in maintenance and upkeep.  It always bothers me to see cemeteries with gravestones in such tight quarters.  I always hope the lawn maintenance guys are being ultra-careful running their mowers around these headstones. The graves sites are well maintained and, despite their age, most of the grave markers are readable. On the day I visited, United States flags were placed at the grave site of each soldier buried here.

While walking the grounds, I felt the distinct impression that there are probably many more burials in this cemetery than the number of markers would indicate.


Old Baptist Cemetery

Stanford Cemetery – Stanfordville, New York 12581

Stanford Cemetery in Stanfordville, New York.

On a foggy, rainy, December I stood on the crest of the hill above Stanford Church in Stanfordville, New York.

The church was closed but there were no closed gates on the long graded driveway leading into the cemetery. Birch lined the perimeter of the graveyard. Leaves are always a consideration this time of year but the grounds crews had already made short work of the autumn leaf fall. The cemetery grounds were immaculate and I enjoyed walking among the gravestones.

stanford cemetery fog

Stanford Cemetery Tree

Stanford Cemetery - Trees

Stanford Cemetery Church