2016 Cemetery Conference – Day 4

Cemetery Time-Lapse

We have just finished a day-long tour of Cincinnati Cemeteries at the 2016 Association for Gravestone Studies.

It’s such an educational experience spending time with such knowledgeable and well educated cemetery researchers. I have lots of note and will be sharing information with you in the future.

Here’s a quick time-lapse video from one of today’s cemeteries.

Tile GPS Locator

TILE helps me keep track of my keys when I misplace them in a cemetery.

While I am adept at finding lost cemeteries, I’m not always so skilled at finding my keys in a cemetery.

On more than one occasion, I’ve left my keys behind on a gravestone before wandering off to explore other areas of the cemetery.

TILE is a handy tool that helps me keep track of my keys (and my cell phone).