Cemetery at John O’ Groats – Scotland

I found one cemetery in John O’ Groats, Scotland.

It was a typical angst ridden summer. I’d recently graduated college where I’d spent my senior year working in a bank loan office. After graduation, I spent two months hitchhiking and riding trains throughout the British Isles on a BritRail Pass. I stayed with relatives in Liverpool for most of summer vacation but when I outstayed my welcome I would hop on a train and visit the countryside. One week, I traveled as far north as the train tracks took me and spent several nights in a Youth Hostel in John O’ Groats, Scotland. Travelling the rails and meeting other recent graduates who were trying to find themselves filled me with a desire to never stop traveling and exploring the world.

I found one cemetery in John O’ Groats, Scotland. Though I have dozens of pictures of the Youth Hostel and the countryside, I only have one picture of one gravestone.

It was a beautiful summer and I hope to get back to John O’ Groats someday soon to further explore the cemeteries there.

John o groats cemetery

John o groats youth hostel

John o' groats

Stanford Cemetery – Stanfordville, New York 12581

Stanford Cemetery in Stanfordville, New York.

On a foggy, rainy, December I stood on the crest of the hill above Stanford Church in Stanfordville, New York.

The church was closed but there were no closed gates on the long graded driveway leading into the cemetery. Birch lined the perimeter of the graveyard. Leaves are always a consideration this time of year but the grounds crews had already made short work of the autumn leaf fall. The cemetery grounds were immaculate and I enjoyed walking among the gravestones.

stanford cemetery fog

Stanford Cemetery Tree

Stanford Cemetery - Trees

Stanford Cemetery Church

Rock Creek Cemetery – Polk County Tennessee

Rock Creek Cemetery in Polk County, Tennessee is also known as Cloud Cemetery. On USGS maps, this cemetery is listed as Price Cemetery.

Rock Creek Cemetery is also known as Cloud Cemetery. On USGS maps, this cemetery is listed as Price Cemetery.

Overlooking the junction where the Ocoee River outflows into Lake Ocoee, an abandoned cemetery sits high on a hilltop. The lack of road access to this cemetery necessitates a scramble through wooded wilderness to reach the dozen marked gravesites. Some plots can only be differentiated from the surrounding forest by their caved-in appearance. Other plots are marked with simply field stones while others, still, are marked with hand carved gravestones. One gravesite, that of Revolutionary War soldier John White, stands out among the rest with a well maintained military headstone.

Rock Creek Cemetery risks fading from memory as it fades from view; obscured by the ever encroaching Cherokee National Forest.

Here is the Google Earth file of the significant stops I made as I searched for Rock Creek Cemetery.

Click below to play video of this newest cemetery exploration adventure.

Cemetery Research Tool

Cemetery research tool to research cemeteries.

I love cemeteries, I love technology, and I love technology that helps me research cemeteries.

Here is a video I made of a brand new cemetery research tool.

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Rainy Day in a Cemetery – Plus: Google Earth File for Bermuda Cemeteries

Google Earth .kmz file of the Cemeteries of Bermuda

Rainy day in a cemetery. It’s rained here for 4 days in a row…a bit depressing.

Google Earth is such a significant and easy-to-use graphical mapping tool that I put many of my cemetery hunting trips onto the Google Earth Servers. I made a .kmz file for Bermuda Cemeteries. It includes photographic overlays of each cemetery.

Once you have installed Google Earth onto your computer, download this Google Earth file. You will be able to tour the cemeteries of Bermuda from the comfort of your own home.

Please let me know how you like this mapping project.

Bermuda Cemeteries Google Earth File