The Cemetery DetectiveKeith is an adventurer, occasional athlete, and world traveler who also happens to love cemeteries.

His life-long love affair with cemeteries started in childhood growing up in Liverpool, England. He and his cousins would seek out the area’s most interesting cemeteries in which to play hide-and-go-seek. They would scare each other with spooky stories and tales of bodies creeping out of the ground to grab and drag them to secret underground lairs.

In adulthood in the United States, Keith discovered a new-found fondness and interest in researching cemeteries. He has become a strong advocate for cleanup and rehabilitation of abandoned and neglected cemeteries. The Cemetery Detective believes “cemeteries are sacred grounds deserving our full respect and care in perpetuity.”

Cemeteries tell the histories of our towns, states, and our country as well as the stories of all the people who lived in the community. His enthusiasm for cemeteries encourages respect and understanding of these sacred areas of land.

Through “TheCemeteryDetective.com”, Keith hopes to share his energetic enthusiasm with you as he criss-crosses the country seeking and documenting our nation’s most interesting cemeteries.