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March 2017 – Two Cemetery Projects Underway

1) Cemetery Reclamation:

I’m writing this at 11:51 PM after yet another long day in one of our local cemeteries.
With a chainsaw, lop-shears, an axe, and a strong back, I’ve taken on a project of reclaiming a long-forgotten cemetery.
When I first visited, I could not walk from one end to the other due to thickets, thorns, and brier patches. Taking care to maintain the integrity of all grave markers, I have almost completed the reclamation effort. Stay tuned to this website and my YouTube channel for a complete update.

Abandoned cemeteries.
This cemetery was completely overgrown but I’m making great progress in finding all headstones by removing the vegetation.  When finished, I plan to leave many shade trees.  However, the undergrowth will be cut away.  Tombstones will be easy to find.

Check back often for updates.

2) Underwater Cemetery:

I have become fascinated with cemeteries impacted by water.
Rising waters in rivers, drought stricken lakes, and coastal areas all have affected cemeteries.
I am currently studying a cemetery in the middle of a lake.
This will be the subject of my next mini-documentary.

Flooded cemetery underwater graves.

Stay Tuned…

A recent mini-documentary:
The Forgotten Cemetery of Polk County Tennessee

Nestled on a forested hilltop within The Cherokee National Forest lies Rock Creek Cemetery. Even its proper name is in doubt. USGS maps, local residents, and descendants of those buried here disagree on its name. As the forest closes in on Rock Creek, this cemetery risks being lost forever.

The journey is part of the adventure and this trip was no exception. Rock Creek is surrounded by the beauty of the Ocoee river valley. This abandoned grave yard contains notable figures in Polk County’s history. In addition to the town’s founding fathers, a Revolutionary War soldier is buried here.
Join me as I search for this culturally significant cemetery.

Rock Creek Cemetery – Polk County, Tennessee


2017 Extensive Research of Cemeteries:

Big plans are underway this year. Check this website and my YouTube Channel for frequent updates.
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