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The Cemetery Detective - Researching our nation's most interesting cemeteries.Cemeteries with ten thousand gravestones to those without a single marker.

Flooded cemeteries to those in the middle of barren lava fields.

Cemeteries on tiny islands to those in the middle of our most populous cities.

Join Keith as he explores our nation’s most fascinating cemeteries.

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January 2018 – Frozen Waterfalls and Comb Graves

On the coldest day thus far this year, I piled into my van (with heater on full blast) and headed north onto the Cumberland Plateau to explore my newly found fascination with Comb Graves. Along the journey, I hiked to the bottom of a waterfall, found myself in the middle of a huge pasture after the setting sun, and found more Comb Graves than I had ever imagined.

The video is available below, on YouTube, and via my Facebook Page (The Cemetery Detective).

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2017 will be hard to beat but I have big plans for 2018.
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