Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Mission – I love cemeteries. I relish the quiet solitude and introspection that come from wandering grounds of beautifully laid-out cemeteries. I enjoy reading gravestone inscriptions and thinking about the life histories of those buried there. Yes, it’s sad when we bury a loved-one but cemeteries shouldn’t be places of only sadness. They are places of remembrance and reflection. They are places where we can speak to those who have passed on…and allow them to speak to us.
For years, I hid my love of cemeteries thinking other people would think I was weird…but not anymore. With this website, I do my imperfect best to share my love of cemeteries with you.

Accuracy of Information – Researching cemeteries is often like detective work. Though I attempt to be as accurate as possible with the information I convey, my research sometimes uncovers contradicting sources. Descriptions, maps, directions, dates, and specific details given on this website might vary from reality.

Email Policy:
I appreciate your emails. If you have interesting information about one of the cemeteries I visit, please send an email. I often receive email from families of people buried in these cemeteries. I read EVERY SINGLE EMAIL but can’t respond to all of them.

TCD HATES SPAM – The Cemetery Detective sends out occasional newsletters about interesting cemeteries. If you email us but don’t want to receive our occasional newsletter, please just let us know. We’ll remove your address from our list.

Fan Club Subscription: Subscriptions are for a 1 year membership to the Cemetery Detective Fan Club. Your subscription fee is GREATLY APPRECIATED. Money raised will be used to help me in my cemetery research and documentation efforts. Additionally, I normally perform 1 or 2 FREE cemetery cleanup jobs each year. Money raised through subscriptions helps me buy tools needed to perform these cemetery cleanup jobs. THANK YOU!
Your shipping information will be used to ship your Junior Cemetery Detective Fan Club merch. That’s all. We won’t share your information with third parties.