Lusk Cemetery – Marion County, Tennessee

Lusk Cemetery in the heart of Marion County, Tennessee. Prentice Cooper State Park

Lusk Cemetery

Lusk Cemetery in the heart of Marion County Tennessee

Along dusty Game Reserve Road in the heart of Marion County, Tennessee is a small cemetery deep within the Prentice Cooper State Forest. There was no cemetery listed on my map when I happened upon Lusk Cemetery. With windshield wipers clearing a narrow field of vision, my van was turning earth colored from all the dust being thrown up on this narrow hunting road. Occasionally gunshots rang out and as I exited my vehicle, 4 hunters on two 4-wheelers appeared from the woods. They stopped briefly to watch me extend the legs on my tripod, then, being more interested in hunting deer than watching some weirdo taking pictures in a cemetery, they revved up their all-terrain vehicles and vanished into the densely wooded state park.

I love Marion County and Prentice Cooper State Park. When I’m sick of the city, Prentice Cooper is one of my favorite get-aways. I can hike for miles in the woods and never see a soul. But these guys on their 4-wheelers; I admire them. I admire their local knowledge of the land upon which they live. I admire the fact that if civilization ever shuts down, these guys will be the survivors. I looked upon them with caution as they came roaring up on their 4-wheelers. Would they consider me a threat? Would they not take kindly that I was taking photographs of their relative’s grave sites? Nah, I’m just like them…exploring the land, paying respect to those who have passed along before me, and minding my own business not hurting anyone.

Lusk Cemetery represents God’s Country in Marion County, Tennessee.

Lusk Cemetery