Stanton Cemetery, Abingdon Virginia

Stanton Cemetery Driveway

Stanton Cemetery is a small rural cemetery in a grove of trees.

Seven miles North East of Abingdon, Virginia, in a nondescript grove of trees, lies a hidden cemetery just off Route 11.  There’s not a sign nor a cemetery marker.  But, there are several gravestones in this cemetery.

Gravestones in Stanton Cemetery

I was travelling up 81 on my way to Washington, DC to view the spring arrival of the blooming cherry trees.  Though I didn’t know it at the time, the cherry blossoms reached their peak 3 days earlier.Stanton Cemetery on a Hill

Turning off the paved road, I followed a double-track up a small hill to view the grave markers in this small rural cemetery.

Though I missed the peak of the cherry blossoms in DC, I was greeted by the beauty of the wild flowers in Stanton Cemetery.


Stanton Cemetery, Abingdon Virginia
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Stanton Cemetery, Abingdon Virginia
Stanton Cemetery is a small rural cemetery in a grove of trees just outside Abingdon, Virginia.
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