Evergreen Cemetery – Paris Texas

In Texas, even Jesus wears cowboy boots.

Evergreen Cemetery - Paris Texas
Evergreen Cemetery – Paris Texas

In Texas, even Jesus wears cowboy boots.
I have many fond memories of Texas but there are several that stand out as high points. First, you can drive down some two-lane roads at 75 MPH and people in front of you will ease onto the shoulder (while maintaining their speed) to let you pass. Second, the stars at night really are big and bright. Third, even Jesus wears cowboy boots.

I pulled into Paris Texas under an early evening sun with enough daylight left for a quick tour of Evergreen Cemetery. I had heard rumors that a cowboy boot wearing Jesus statue was a must see in this sprawling and very crowded cemetery. With eyes peeled I drove row after row of graveled streets looking at the base of every monolith. Cowboy boots, much less on Jesus’ feet, were nowhere to be seen.

Dusk approached quicker than I wanted and as I turned onto a seemingly perpetually long row of tombstones I caught the glimpse of a murky blurr. Was that Jesus, in cowboy boots, running through the darkening cemetery? No, it was a bobcat. I grabbed my camera and barreled out of the car in a mad dash to attempt a perfect snapshot of this beautiful bobcat darting amongst the rows of tombstones.

In un-Ansel Adams like fashion I ran at top speed with my camera outstretched toward the bobcat. Little did he realize I was hot on his trail and able to see his furry ears pointing above a tablet-styled tombstone behind which he sought refuge. With visions of O.J. Simpson dashing through airports and hurdling piles of luggage in those late 1970’s Samsonite commercials, my feet propelled me through the air to finally land directly in front of my prey.

Somewhere, in mid-air, I took an instantaneous moment to consider the fullness of my impending predicament. Here I was, in a darkening cemetery running crazily after a frightened wild animal capable of inflicting, if nothing else, deep and infectious lacerations to my limbs and torso. Ah, too late to think of the ramifications, I steadied my index finger on my camera’s shutter release in preparations of what was sure to be an amazing photograph of a beautiful healthy bobcat in front of a southwestern tombstone with a Texas sunset in the back ground. “This is going to be great. What if I am lucky enough to capture the moment when he leaps, claws outstretched, right in front of Jesus’ cowboy boots” I thought microseconds before landing.

Unfortunately, this bobcat’s perfect portrait was not meant to be as he became alert to my whisper-less flight and bolted an instant before my flashbulb illuminated the darkened cemetery.

Bobcat in a Cemetery

And with one blurry picture taken, the excitement was finished. Now my task of finding Jesus with cowboy boots and the other interesting grave markers of Evergreen Cemetery was before me.

Luckily, the Texas twilight gave me enough time to find Jesus’ cowboy boots and a few other very interesting markers. See the pictures below.

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Evergreen Cemetery - Paris Texas
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Evergreen Cemetery - Paris Texas
Do you want to see if Jesus really wears Cowboy Boots? Visit Evergreen Cemetery in Paris Texas. After seeing Evergreen, you can take a drive to the town to see the Eiffel Tower with a Cowboy Hat.
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